Irony - Rob Jesmer and NRSC creating 3rd party candidates

We shouldn’t vote for 3rd party candidates if we hope to regain control. I get it. It would be a vote to register dissatisfaction but would accomplish little else except keep Democrats in power.

Given that argument, does anyone else find it ironic that Senator Cornyn and Rob Jesmer’s terrible judgment is spawning 3rd party candidacies that could hurt the GOP in November?

First their hand-picked dandy Charlie Crist goes rouge when he realizes he will loose the FL primary to Rubio and decides to run as an Independent. Now I read that Senator Bob Bennett, fresh off his loss in the UT primary might decide to run as a write-in candidate.

And Mr. Bennett represents the GOP beltway establishment that seems to think that being in power is somehow their birthright.

So the party that doesn’t want conservatives to vote 3rd party is creating 3rd party candidates. Good job, NRSC.