Liberal academia, big business and Democrats creating sepratism in the United States

We’ve all seen it, these so called ‘Mexican-Americans’ who are more passionate about the ‘Mexican’ part instead of the ‘American’ part of their culture. They oppress students who wear a t-shirt with the United States flag, the nation’s flag, on a holiday that has never been observed as some national holiday in my lifetime and then go to the streets waving the flag of Mexico.

Where is the collective outrage of the nation and what are our representatives in Washington doing while the leftist academics, cheap-labor business pimps and ‘find votes anywhere’ Democrats work overtime to get more people like this into our nation for their benefit, not the benefit of the God-Blessed United States.

This is a war.

Those pushing Amnesty – La Razza, M.E.Ch.A, the restoration of Aztlan – these are leftist, communist groups that are infiltrating our nation’s schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and cities, bringing with them a philosophy being parroted by talking head in grade schools, high schools and colleges.

Our nation has fought one civil war. Are we going to have to fight another one because gutless leaders and career politicians allow our borders to be violated and our citizens are told we ‘have to’ allow children of these people to stay in our country and go to our schools?

Where is the unified shouts of WRONG from our government? Where is the united front against the separatists movements being fomented by communists in our schools? If I was president I would immediately order the armed forces of the U.S. to close the border and begin the wholesale forced deportation of every illegal, America-hating scum who is working to see this nation dismantled. I would also sign an executive order removing every single teacher in this country who refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance and who teaches revisionist versions of American History.

Screw Mexico and their flag! Screw anyone who thinks you get a pass for coming to my country and pushing my countrymen around.

Are you listening, Washington? You are allowing this mess to fester and get worse by the day because you will not ENFORCE THE LAWS OF THE LAND!

Nothing about our immigration system is broken. The only reason it doesn’t work is because our so-called leaders will not enforce the laws. That isn’t a ‘broken system’ ladies and gentleman. That is apathy and treachery.

Time to draw the lines and demand that our leaders take a hard look at what is so obvious to anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear. Our beloved nation is under attack from within.

Do something about it, Washington!