The maverick needs to go down

By now we all know that John McCain doesn’t consider himself a maverick any more but he sure didn’t have a problem claiming that title when he was back-dooring the GOP on judges, taxes, terrorist interrogations and fighting tooth-and-nail for illegal alien amnesty.

So this post is an appeal to all those Arizona RedState members – The maverick needs to go down.

You’ve got a good candidate in J.D. Hayworth who understands that Arizona has been used as the doormat for Senator McCain to advance his political career while ignoring the voice of your state’s citizenry.  Put him out to pasture and send someone who understands your concerns and supports your cause. Hayworth is that someone.

Why have I not seen more support on RedState and across the blogs for J.D.? McCain won’t even debate J.D. because he knows that more people will watch and be reminded of his self-serving agenda in Washington.

Rally Arizonans! I ask for your support for J.D. Hayworth. If a guy from Mississippi can send him money to use against the GOP establishment and John McCain, then I know you guys can do it.

If McCain should triumph again, what do you think will happen? I don’t have to think this one out! He will betray you yet again and all you can do then is kick yourselves for being taken for another trip around Johnny McCain’s BS Corral.