Are you proud of the mess you created, John Cornyn?

I read that John Cornyn said that what happened in Florida has been a “learning experience” for him.

In exactly what way, senator?

You see, I argue that you and your beltway buddies have learned NOTHING from the mess you self-inflicted from your own pride and lack of vision. The only defense you’ve used for endorsing Charlie Crist early was that “we didn’t want to spend a lot of money” and that excuse simply doesn’t convince me. The real reason you endorsed this phony was because you considered him one of you and gave no thought that other, more conservative candidates were viable. You and all the other beltway sell-outs like McCain and Graham really do believe this BIG TENT bullshit and you listen to your paid consultants who have no loyalty to you or your party. Even after it became evident that Crist was not favored by Republican voters you refused to remove your endorsement and butt out.

So sit back now and see what your efforts have wrought.

Thanks to you we now have a renegade RINO who’s determined to make you lose what should be an easy win. Great job, Senator Cornyn! You and Rob Jesmer have done a knock-down job.

As for me, I’m off to donate some more $ to Marco Rubio’s campaign to win the Senate and take back my country from beltway country-clubbers like you who give scant attention to the wishes of your constituents.

Maybe when all this is over you and Mr. Jesmer can become professional sports handicappers. At least your lousy picks will be consistent.