Needing some sense of why voting (R) matters anymore

This has been building for some years now.

At first it was a feeling of surprised disappointment that soon turned into regretful anger that too soon after became loathing disgust.

It began with a compromise on law-adhering (opposed to law-making) judges who got thrown overboard so a self-center, career politicians could make himself look good. From there it led to shock as a president I supported attempted to bestow a reward on criminals by pushing amnesty for foreigners living illegally in our country. Now is has crystallized as I’ve watched the so-called leadership of the party I once enthusiastically supported not lift a finger, fight in any way or even threaten to bring all-out political scorched-earth to the U.S. House and Senate.  This same leadership that keeps asking working Americans like me for money while they keep supporting the McCains and Grahams who have caused this party to fall, all the while preaching to us peons how we “need to be a big tent.”

Well sirs and madams, I’m done.

I’m done and it didn’t take a lot of soul searching.  I don’t know what I will do now. Will I keep giving money to the Mark Rubios and J.D. Hayworths who want to fight and want to save the nation I grew up in and love?

Sure I will.

Yet will I let to Senator Mitch McConnell disdain my feelings of betrayal and steadfast disappointment by calling what I feel “irrelevant” and just assuming that I will pull that lever in November just because my only choice between the current radical party in power is to exchange it for a spineless one that ignores the ones it claims to represent?

No sir. No way.

I’m done pulling the lever, GOP. I’m done.

Since my vote can be taken for granted – and since you really do believe that it can – try winning elections without me.

You think it is bad now being a minority party? Keep it up and find out how much worse it can be.

But this is not about just getting back at an establishment party. This is about wanting what I hold true to mean something to someone who says that it does.  The way the Republican Party is currently being led by fat-cat elitists, beltway insiders, overpaid consultants with no loyalty to the average Republican voter, how can anyone expect me to keep holding my nose.

I need someone here to give me some hope. I can’t stand anymore moderates who will sell us out and I can’t take anymore good-ole-boy politics that compromise the principles GOP candidates claim.

I’m sick of jellyfish and liars. I want heros I can believe in again.

So make me believe.