Dems pass PAYGO, then circumvent PAYGO with help from Republicans

Exactly a month ago, Democrats voted on the last piece of legislation they would take up before Scott Brown was seated:  Raising the debt ceiling from $12.394 trillion to $14.294 trillion.  Included in that bill was an amendment instituting PAYGO, or a pay-as-you go provision that requires that any new mandatory spending be offset by either a reduction in spending elsewhere, or a tax increase.  In order to circumvent this, a three-fifths majority would be required.

The vote was 60-40 in favor, strictly along party lines.  Republicans objected on that grounds that since spending is almost never cut, taxes would inevitably rise.

This idea was echoed by Glenn Beck in his CPAC keynote address:  Both parties will spend, but only the Democrats want to raise your taxes.

Jim Bunning (R-KY) has staged a one-man filibuster to block a bill that would spend $10 billion to extend jobless benefits for a month and keep other local projects running.  His objection is that Democrats are unwilling to make spending cuts in other areas in order to comply with the newly-passed PAYGO rules.

However, today reports have surfaced that Senator John Kyl (R-AZ) expects that the bill will pass, possibly as early as Tuesday.  That means that at least one Republican will vote in favor of the bill.

I assume that the traitorous Republican In Name Only will be one of the five who voted for cloture on the jobs bill:  Kit Bond (RINO-MO), Scott Brown (RINO-MA), Susan Collins & Olympia Snowe (two-headed RINO-ME), or George Voinovich (RINO-OH).

Glenn Beck, where are ya when we need ya?  There are Republicans addicted to spending who are in need of a spanking.