Dear Fox News...

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Dear Fox News:

Red Eye — despite airing at 3am and STILL being more popular than the prime-time airing of Larry King Live — was preempted tonight for “breaking news” about an earthquake off the coast of Chile.

We know you’re looking for headlines about earthquakes, seeing as how the Haiti disaster has drawn worldwide interest.  However, many of us stay up late to watch Red Eye, and we really don’t give a crap if one person died and three buildings fell down as a result of a natural event.  Tens of thousands of people die every day in Africa, and you don’t interrupt Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly to report it.  Shit happens.

Instead, we were subjected to a massively FAIL phone discussion about the living conditions in Chile.

I’ll check the news about the “horror” tomorrow.  For now, I want my Red Eye.

Please direct your staff to remove their heads from their asses.



Red Eye fans.