Breaking: Indiana will become first state to defund Planned Parenthood

Mitch Daniels has been ahead of the curve since he kicked off his term by signing an exective order banning collective bargaining… six years ago.

He has since drawn the ire of many pro-life advocates with “truce” talk… a political misstep that has overshadowed his perfect pro-life record. Today, Mitch is again leading the pack by making Indiana the first state to defund Planned Parenthood.

Via USA Today:

“I supported this bill from the outset, and the recent addition of language guarding against the spending of tax dollars to support abortions creates no reason to alter my position,” said Daniels, a Republican.

He is supposed to sign the bill into law next week.

Just to recap, the bill would cut $3 million in federal money to Planned Parenthood, in addition to banning abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy unless the life of the woman is threatened. A fiscal victory, to be sure, but more importantly this sets a precedent nationally. Here’s hoping other states will quickly follow suit.