VIDEO: Barack Obama's EPA Doesn't Care About Jobs

The EPA has admitted that they don’t even consider jobs when they do their economic analysis. No really. They don’t even think about the potential impact on unemployment. This is appalling, coming from an administration that has said over and over and over again that jobs are the top priority.

To recap:

White House Briefing, 1/19/2010

“The top priority is to continue to work hard on getting this economy back on track and creating jobs,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbs told a news briefing.

State of the Union, 1/27/2010

“Jobs must be our number one focus in 2010,” the president said. His call for a new jobs bill drew bipartisan support from the Members of Congress seated before him in the House chamber.

Weekly Presidential Address last month:

While remarking on the fall of the unemployment rate, he singled out “creating jobs and opportunities in a fiercely competitive world” as a top priority because “we have a lot more work to do…for the millions more who still don’t have the right job or all the work they need to live out the American Dream.”

New Year’s Resolution! Weekly Address, 1/1/11:

“And our most important task now is to keep that recovery going… As president, that’s my commitment to you: to do everything I can to make sure our economy is growing, creating jobs and strengthening our middle class. That’s my resolution for the coming year.”

As much as this administration has been giving lip service to the idea that we need to get Americans back to work, they have failed to reconcile the fundamental conflict with their focus regulation of greenhouse gases through the EPA. To confirm, via Fox Nation:

The Obama administration has repeatedly said job creation is a top priority, but apparently the memo seems to have missed the bureaucrats at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

This became evident when EPA Assistant Administrator Mathy Stanislaus testified Thursday before an Environment and Energy subcommittee hearing that his agency does not take jobs into account when it issues new regulations.

An exaggeration? Not at all. Watch the whole thing.