Nancy Pelosi: Republicans Think Women Don't Think

Via Twitter:

You can click here to watch the entire 5:32 minute video, if you think you can make it through.

Planned Parenthood is not in the business of helping women, and has a knack of constantly reminding us. We can rehash exposé after exposé, and discuss the list of horrors and deception that seems to grow with every investigation. Most of us have seen them by now.

The Democrat impulse to justify these things for the “health” of women across America is horrifying. The amount of damage that they have inflicted on young girls and women is incalculable, and to apply public funds to an institution that hides domestic abuse and statutory rape is unconscionable. Where is the outrage for the young women that will never have their abuse cases brought to light because Planned Parenthood didn’t feel like filing the proper paperwork?

Women deserve better than what Planned Parenthood offers. This conversation goes beyond being pro-choice or pro-life; it is about forcing the public to fund horrors like those found in Philly. The idea that my tax dollars would fund an institution that goes against everything I believe in infuriates me beyond anything I could effectively express with written language.

To clarify something that Ms. Pelosi seems to be slightly confused about, this is not about outlawing abortion or overturning Roe v. Wade. It’s not even about shutting down Planned Parenthood. The drama invoked by the Former Speaker of the House in this instance is completely irrational.

At around two minutes in she declares that this is not funding for abortion, and acknowledges that Federal dollars cannot fund abortions, as it is the “law of the land.” Unfortunately for the former Speaker, this claim is categorically false – because Planned Parenthood performs abortions, money that goes to Planned Parenthood funds abortions. In the event that government funds are properly allocated to other Planned Parenthood services and not directly to abortion services, they are freeing up other Planned Parenthood funds to – yes, that’s right – cover abortion services.

The tone that she takes in the first 3 minutes or so of this floor speech implies that she believes she speaks for all women. She refers to the Republican desire to cut funding for “women’s health” as though this is the only place women are able to receive medical care. Ms. Pelosi, I can assure you that nothing you said on that House floor today speaks for me. In fact, it is the very antithesis of what many women in this country think. I, for one, am glad the Republicans were willing to try to save my tax dollars from the nightmare that is Planned Parenthood.