Flashback Video: Instead of budgeting, Congress is...

Steny Hoyer once said that the most basic responsibility of governing was to enact a budget. Which is why in the past two years, when Democrats could have done anything they wanted to (and in many cases did), they could not pass one? Democrats have done a good job pretending that the shut down is all because the Republicans won’t play around and are tossing out “extreme” cuts. The reality is that the ball is in their court and has BEEN in their court for two years.

Steny Hoyer stood on the House floor yesterday and blasted the GOP for not “compromising” when they released their first CR with $100 billion in cuts. Then, when that wasn’t good enough, they dropped it to $60 billion in cuts. Not we’re down to $22 billion in cuts. And the Republicans are the ones unwilling to compromise?

This old Bankrupting America video reminds us that this time last year, Democrats were too “busy” to get something passed, despite control of both houses of Congress and the White House. They failed then, and they are failing now.


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