Thank Curt Schilling

Curt Schilling, in addition to being an active campaigner on Scott Brown’s behalf, has used his typically sports-oriented blog 38 Pitches to advocate for Brown and against Obamacare. His latest post points out that Democrats have no one but themselves to blame for yesterday’s Massachusetts Miracle because they changed the rules in the middle of the game.

While most comments are thanking Schilling, as they should, he is taking some predictable heat from left-wingers. After the role Schilling played in this election, and remembering his campaigning for Bush in ’04 after his World Series win, it might be nice for us to take a couple minutes to thank Curt for his efforts .

To quote The Corner’s Shannen Coffin on why Schilling matters:

"To borrow from our president, "Let’s be clear" on why Curt Schilling matters. Curt Schilling matters because he — along with a band of idiots — delivered the Red Sox and their fans from the throes of 86 years of agony and defeated the Evil Empire all in one fell swoop. He matters because he and his bloody sock had a part in Reversing the Curse of the Bambino (which never really existed but made Dan Shaugnessy a fortune). He matters because Baseball is King in the Hub. My 96-year-old grandmother, who passed away during the first game of the ’04 playoffs and knew next to nothing about sports, knew the Red Sox mattered in Boston. My mother, who raised five sons and one daughter, several of whom don’t miss a pitch, knows that Curt Schilling isn’t a Yankee fan. He matters because Rich Lowry and Jack Fowler and even K-Lo shudder at the mention of his name. Screwing up who Curt Schilling is isn’t just grounds for losing a Senate race; it’s ground for expulsion from the Bay State. If Massachusetts had the death penalty, it would probably qualify for that too. But then, this is Massachusetts, so that’s probably wishful thinking on both accounts."