Raising kids in America "American"

As a single father raising three girls, I consider it a privilege. Even though they are teenagers and the world could come to a sudden stop!!! Yet I have the opportunity to impact them and teach them to love God above all and to love their country. I tell them that there has never been a country that has impacted for the better good of humanity like America. Nor will there ever be. America has not been around as long as other countries and if we do not do something to preserve this great city on a hill it may as well not be. This great country  has been the envy and target of many,  like our bibles that we carry for our daily readings. There has been many to attack it for what it stands for. Liberty  justice and the pursuit of happiness. I tell my kids that we have a document that is behind this great nation and that every uniformed soldier we see is fighting to protect this very important document The constitution of the united states of America. My new goal in life as a father is that they will grow up to love their country and their God. To love their bible and their constitution of their America. God  always bless this United States Of America. Our America!