The Fruits of "Trumpism"

A week ago I submitted a piece to RedState called “The Gathering Storm.” In that piece, I compared the tone of Donald Trump’s campaign to the days of Bull Connor. I also pointed out that with nearly eight years of Obama crafting a narrative of a racist America, that much blood and effort has been spent to correct, we could not afford a candidate to step forward and light the match to that powder keg. That, however, is exactly what Trump has done, much to the delight of the left. They now have their caricature of callous, boorish, racist, white Republicans. Trump and his parade of angry reactionaries have been a gift to the Democrats, in every way.

Fast forward to this evening, as angry, bloody protests have broken out on the streets of Chicago, between Trump’s reactionaries and those opposed to Trump’s obnoxious rhetoric. Certainly, there are professional, paid protestors on hand. Chicago is, after all, Obama’s home turf and a hotbed of Black Lives Matter, Occupy-anything-that-isn’t-an-honest-job, and Socialist malcontents. Things were bound to go south.

The hand-wringing, second guessing, and pontificating by the media is great. Fellow GOP candidates, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have both commented, pointing out that Trump’s own language should be looked at, as it relates to today’s events. They’re right. The man has, at different times, stated that he’d like to punch a protester in the face, has encouraged his followers to rough up protesters, saying he’d pay their legal fees, and has shown a level of disconnect from decorum so vast that it breaches the borders of and lands squarely in the center of lunacy.

Let’s take a look at just a couple of events from this week alone, in order to get a more fleshed-out view of what Trumpism inspires:

  • At a rally in Fayetteville, NC, as protestors were being led out of the Crown Coliseum, a 78-year old Trump supporter sucker punched one man as security walked him up the stairs and out of the arena. Afterwards, the Trumpkin, named as John McGraw, stated that the next time, they “might have to kill him.” Thankfully, McGraw was arrested after the incident.
  • On Tuesday, Michelle Fields, a reporter for the Trump-worshiping Breitbart website, stepped forward as Trump exited a press conference, in order to ask him a question regarding affirmative action. She was then grabbed from behind, allegedly by Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and nearly pulled to the ground. The Trump campaign at first denied, then stated that they didn’t know who she was (they thought she was a “hostile,” rather than one of the Breitbart faithful), then denied again. Fields’ story was backed up by a Washington Post reporter who witnessed the event, as well as pictures of a forearm bruised with what appears to be very clear finger marks.
  • 32 people arrested at a Trump rally in St. Louis earlier today, and violence in Chicago tonight, forcing the cancellation of the event.

Trump, himself, takes no responsibility for the actions of his supporters, even as his language serves to divide and exacerbate tensions. He is either a man so devoid of human decency that he’s incapable of feeling remorse for what his words have wrought, or he is deftly working his way through a well-patterned plan to destroy the GOP. Either way, he is unfit to lead, and the GOP may never be able to fully relieve itself of the vile stench of Trump.

Even sadder still, the left are gloating, because as the nation burns, they get to take the high road and be the ones to say, “I told you so.” If what Trump inspires in people is “the new GOP,” as one Trumpkin crowed at me, and members of the GOP either participate in, or encourage it, then this is not the party of Reagan, and not what many of us signed up for. Unless something is done soon to turn the tide away from Trumpism, you will see the rise of a third party, at long last, because the GOP is surely dead.