The Gathering Storm

We are at a precarious position in our nation’s history. Eight years of a leftist despot, with little knowledge or concern for the Constitutional separation of powers has worn the fabric of our republic thin. His laughable weakness in dealing with foreign powers, disdain for our allies, and detestable penchant for playing the victimized minority when held to task has put even further strain on the operations of day-to-day living in America.

We are sitting on the proverbial powder keg in this country and Obama has stacked it high. He’s pushed the narrative of America as a racist, arrogant nation from the first day he took office (you know… the racist nation that elected him twice). It’s not that there haven’t always been those accusations from the left. There’s nothing different in Obama’s message. It’s just the fact that he has the audacity to deliver it, while being a minority in the seat of the most powerful man in the world.

Obama has used his status and half of his heritage as a platform to create the Black Lives Matter movement, which is nothing more than a Marxist ploy for national upheaval. The entire movement takes advantage of the entitlement mindset and moral relativism that runs like an infection in the bloodstream of our society. The pettiness of our current president cannot be overstated. To say there has been calculated malice from his administration, for the purpose of pushing race relations back more than 50 years is not out of the question. All one has to do is listen to his words on the matter, watch the news of chaos in our streets and overreaction to any perceived wrong against a minority, the disproportionate concern he shows for dead pop stars over murdered police officers, and you begin to see my point. This is a chapter of our nation’s history that had been put to rest, but the dark vision of corrupt leaders has given rise to the beast, once again.

With all that hanging over us, along comes Donald J. Trump, gilded toad of the GOP. Rather than enter in, armed with logic, rationality, and a competent grasp of issues, he bursts through the door with a match, looking to set the whole world ablaze for fun and profit. At a time when we can least afford to validate the left’s propaganda about the intentions and nature of the right, Trump and his angry minions are a caricature of every hateful description the left has put forth. While some are standing up to condemn the rise of Black Lives Matter as little more than reverse racism and reactionary bunk, the GOP frontrunner is having his jackbooted security thugs toss young, black college students out of his events, for doing nothing more than quietly standing in protest. His supporters are abusive to the press and anyone else who doesn’t pledge fealty to Lord Trump. The fact that he is a favorite of the KKK and neo-Nazi skinheads doesn’t do anything to smooth over the situation. Optics matter, and the entirety of Trump’s campaign is a toxic concoction of populism and fascism, with disturbing shades of Bull Connor.

Crushed from a state-sponsored malignancy on the left and frenzied, mindless, populist anger on the right, it just may be time for principled conservatives to make a break for the door and start over fresh somewhere else. If the GOP cannot fight back at the legislative level against Obama, nor at the voter level against Trump, what choices are left?

We need a real option. Cruz and Rubio, while both reliably conservative, in their own right, have been unable to effectively quell the bloodlust of the Trumpidian cult. We may see some ground gained in those states that have closed primaries, but what if we don’t? If our worst fears are realized and Trump is the nominee, this truly no longer is the party of Goldwater and Reagan. This is something that most of us did not sign up for and you will see mass exodus from the GOP. The #NeverTrump movement isn’t just a social media passing phase. It is a very real movement by a very concerned populace.

The Voice of a Leader

Out of this maelstrom, we need a sane voice to unify and heal. Governor Rick Perry gave one of the most powerful speeches on race that you will ever hear from any leader, at any time on July 2, 2015, a month after he began his bid for the presidency and two months before he was forced to step aside. Rather than literally have minorities booted from his events, he gave a welcoming call to people from all races and backgrounds to find shelter under the big tent of conservatism. It is appalling to think that we are a nation that would let this man slip away from us, rather than rush to embrace he and his message, and elevate him straight to the White House.

I could tout Governor Perry’s record endlessly, as I make the case for why he should still be in the running, and in fact, should be our nominee. It would seem, however, that the GOP, as I already pointed out, have turned from commonsense conservatism and a faithful adherence to the Reagan philosophy of government. I dare say, a large number of those who make up the current GOP are as uninformed as those on the left who voted in Obama, based on catchphrases. Perry isn’t a catchphrase leader. He’s a results-driven, conservative purist, at a time when we need him most, but deserve him least.

I don’t think financing would be a problem, this time around. The governor has been cleared of the baseless charges that hobbled his last run. There are a lot of big money donors who see the threat of Trumpism for what Perry has said it was, from the beginning. Those who are aware of his record of successful leadership in Texas would more than likely see it as a gamble worth taking. Certainly, those conservatives who are war-weary from fighting against Trump’s crazed followers would welcome a return to sanity.

Should a door open, either through a brokered convention or third party, I would sincerely hope that Perry take the opportunity to give it another try. I don’t think it would be beneath him to come back. Others have before, and with this crazy season, the destructive Obama presidency, combined with the divisive rhetoric of Trump, maybe those that were caught up in the sideshow mania of Trump last Fall would be willing to listen to Governor Perry’s message with a renewed clarity.

I don’t know what it would take. Maybe Governor Perry is content to sit it out in Round Top, Texas, enjoying his retirement and leaving this nation in the foul mess we’ve made of it. He offered his services to us three times: once when he put on the uniform of the United States Air Force, and twice when he ran for the presidency. The last two times were our failure, not his, and for that, we should all be regretful.

As I watch the Fox News debate now, it’s hard not to mourn. Fleeting moments of sound policy points, buried under Trump’s mountain of incoherence, inconsistency, and arrogant rhetoric should drive every good American to form a posse and ride all night, straight to Round Top, to plead our case to Governor Rick Perry: We’re sorry. We need you back!