Attention Trumpkins: #NeverTrump

It’s a revolution!

It’s a movement!

It’s #NeverTrump and it’s catching on!

Increasingly, conservatives across social media are making a stand. For months, the stench of Trump has clung to the GOP, sickening all those caught downwind and sending waves of horror over 65 – 70% of the party. The remaining 30 – 35% that align themselves with Trump and his detestable, liberal values are like the dead fish your college roommate hides in your closet while you’re away for a long weekend. It’s a really bad joke and one that will likely have lasting, negative effects on everybody.

When Trump first made his announcement to run for the presidency, it was fashioned after an episode of “The Simpsons” from 2000. No. Seriously. Right down to his descending on an escalator in that gaudy hotel, Trump Towers. I thought it was a joke or some sort of promotion for a new reality TV series. I’ve never been more horrified to be wrong.

While some took immediate actions to denounce Trump’s vulgarian candidacy, many still felt that when it came time to vote, the novelty would have worn off and we could get to the business of choosing a real candidate, capable of undoing the damage wrought on us by the Obama years. Saving our nation is critical and requires a steady, mature, serious hand, at this juncture. Some reality TV huckster is fine for a laugh, but this just isn’t the time for all that. The problems we find ourselves in are too complex. The stakes are too high.

Alas, common sense is a flower that doesn’t grow in everybody’s garden.  Instead of the novelty wearing off, the group psychosis of Trumpism got out of hand, and this gilded toad is actually winning states! I dare say a logical explanation is that several of these states are open primary states. In open primaries, members of either party may choose to vote in the other party’s primary. In this case, Democrats are voting in the Republican primaries for who they want to see as the GOP nominee in November. Of course, they’re voting for Trump. It’s a con, much like Trump University. Those Democrats won’t be there in November. They’ll vote their party in November.

As Trump’s strength seems to grow in the polls, buoyed by a fawning media and conniving Democrats, the decency of those who wish to identify with their hero declines sharply. I’ve personally been called everything but a Child of God by the Branch Trumpidian cultists. I’m not the only one. Reporters are being attacked at his rallies. In Nevada’s caucus, Trumpkins were manning the polling sites and intimidating voters. On social media, even the slightest protestation of Trump, no matter how civilly presented or what the tone, it will result in a flurry of vile attacks.

Well, no more. Those of us who still have maintained our sanity and refuse to be pulled into the swamp of festering, raw sewage that makes up the Trump base are speaking out and giving fair warning. We are not alone. We’re fighting side-by-side with conservative writers, such as Erick Erickson and Matt Walsh. We’re standing with scores of ACTUAL Christian leaders, who haven’t fallen to mammon, yet, and choose to maintain their dignity and stay true to their faith. We’re standing for every decent, true conservative, who sees Donald Trump for the thin skinned fascist he is, and we’re not going to be bullied into supporting this, just because he has an “R” after his name (for today). His values are not the values of the Republican party. His values are not the values of conservatives or Christians, and we will not support him.

If he makes it out of the primary process as nominee, he will not win the general. We are letting all his cult members know where we stand. We’re not “Democrats” or “Obama supporters” because we won’t support Trump. Such an odd attack, actually, considering Trump has been a Democrat and an Obama supporter.

We’re not “cuckservatives,” or any other made-up racist term. In fact, there are several dark places you can stick your labels, but I’ll leave the crass vulgarities to the Trumpkins. We are conservatives. We are Christians. We are Constitutionalists. We are voters who hold to a firm set of principles and refuse to back a candidate who is the exact opposite of everything we expect from a leader. Yes, we’re angry about what’s gone on in Washington, as well, but we’re not willing to burn down the entire nation to prove it. We prefer to try and fix the problem. There is not one thing about Trump’s rhetoric that should give any thinking voter the impression that he has the slightest clue as to how to help us.

We will not vote for Trump. Consider the #NeverTrump hashtag to be a warning. You expected everyone to take you seriously, but it’s time you listen to the rest of us… the true majority. It’s time for you to decide if your anger is truly worth destroying the entire nation. We’re pushing back against the bullying, the idiocy, and the horrendous Trump candidacy. We will not vote for him. He will lose, and we’re ready to accept whatever comes after with a clear conscience.