A Bad Night In Nevada

The corruption of the citizens will manifest in their leadership, and they get the government they deserve. If anyone ever needed any more proof of that, consider the reports of voter fraud and intimidation at the polling places in 2008. These were citizens who felt the ends justified the means. There’s no way to tell if things would have been different, void of such reprehensible behavior, but the end of that election in 2008 left this nation shackled with the most destructive presidency we have ever known (so far).

With that in mind, why would we ever go back? At some point, shouldn’t the people stand up and demand tighter monitoring of polling sites, and absolutely impeccable standards, when choosing the possible next president? Whoever the next president is, he (or she) will be walking into a damnable mess, left behind by our outgoing Marxist thug. Either they’ll make things better or they’ll make things worse. As a republic, we likely will not be able to withstand things getting much worse.

Now witness the reports coming out of Nevada, as the state has their Republican caucus. Just a few reports speak to the long lines, IDs not checked, people admitting to voting several times, some finding that either they don’t know their polling site location or the site they’re at has run out of ballots. Some report that poll workers are slipping ballots under envelopes, leading to calls of fraud. Top that off with reports of multiple Trump supporters, in full Trump regalia, working at the sites. Glenn Beck reports being around some of the most hateful people he’s ever experienced (more Trumpkins), while speaking to the people in line.

Beck’s report jibes perfectly with earlier reports of the uncivil frothing of the typical Trump rally attendee, directed at the press or anybody else Trump decides to bellyache about, at the moment. Trump is whipping up populist angst and grooming his jackbooted hooligans to wreak maximum havoc on our society. So much for learning a lesson from 2008. It’s as if we got worse!

Don’t be surprised if the other campaigns call for a scrub on this night and ask that the caucus be rescheduled, until Nevada can get its act together. I can’t say that I would blame any of them. If this is the way the citizens are going to act and we can no longer trust them to act as reasonable human beings, then maybe it’s time for somebody to step in and save them from their own, wretched humanity.

We get the government we deserve.