The Time for Choosing Wisely

As we make our way through the mix of shrill rhetoric, empty promises, and the cutthroat antics of politicians vying for the nomination of their respective parties, no one can deny that this season is a true anomaly. This is unlike any primary season that I can recall in my lifetime. Every unsavory detail of the political game seems to be at peak levels now, and we’re still several months out from the first primary vote.

In fairness, it would seem that the Democrats are riding calmer seas, at the moment. That may be due in part to the fact that they have only three candidates seeking the nomination, as opposed to the virtual clown car of candidates on the Republican side. It may also be very much attributed to the fact that they have at least one Republican-for-the-moment deftly crafting their attack ads for them. When the dust clears and the sides have their nominees, all the Democrats will have to do is replay the media soundbites from the gilded toad who currently sits atop most of the GOP polls. While the other candidates have conducted themselves with professionalism, for most part, they are unlikely to escape this sewer atmosphere untouched by the stench of Trump trailing after them. They become guilty by association. It isn’t fair, but it is the way of the liberal media. Politicians from the right have long had to battle to keep their heads above the waves of partisan hatchet jobs, carried out by the left’s loyal media lapdogs.

While we’re talking about fairness, I have to be fair to Mr. Trump, as well. He could not do this damage on his own, just as Obama would not be in the position he’s in now – that is, Commander-in-Chief, presiding over the steady decline of American exceptionalism – without glassy-eyed, adoring reactionaries with the ability to find their way to a voting booth. Trump fans can be seen as the final nail. They are the mirror image to the Obama voters of 2008. They’ve put about as much thought into their allegiance as Obama’s fans did. Sadly, the results threaten to be just as destructive. The question now becomes: Can we withstand another election calamity on that scale?

What makes a leader?

Showmanship is no substitute for actual substance. Playing to the anger and frustration of the masses only inflames the emotions, but does little to solve the problems. With our nation in such a perilous position in the world, now is not the time to set a match to the powder keg. I’m sure for some out there, they really want to take out their feelings on something (in this case, the establishment GOP, who were elected to fight for us, but seem to have opted to be Obama’s right arm in too many instances). Setting the GOP ablaze sounds satisfying, but then, that’s what the left want, as well. When the smoke of that fire clears, somebody still has to run this nation.

With all that in mind, the concerned patriot really should vet the candidates and determine if their principles and values are aligned with their own. Do they have what it takes to set this nation back on course? There are a few key traits a successful president should possess.

  • Experience. You wouldn’t take a janitor and give him a job as a surgeon. If you’re on that operating table, you want someone who has trained for the job, done the job for a substantial amount of time, and has a long history of successful surgeries. The same is true of the political realm. Show me a leader who has executive experience, with a positive record of achievement, then let me vote for him.
  • Self-control. Those with thin-skin, the easily offended, or those with low impulse control should look into another line of work. Politics is not for the faint of heart or those who would take every difference of opinion as a personal attack. Our nation is made up of individuals. Those who are sent to Washington are meant to be our representatives. While nobody expects it to be roses and puppies every day, those who seek the office should be willing to contain themselves and behave with some level of maturity, in order to properly represent the people.
  • Principles. Our forefathers laid out a core set of beliefs by which to rightly govern this republic. Anyone seeking the office of POTUS should have a history of behaving with dignity and moral clarity. They should have a background of doing the right thing, for the sake of the right thing, not for personal gain or other self-serving motives.
  • Love of God and country. I’ve long held the belief that you cannot lead what you do not love. If you need any proof of that, look no further than our current administration. Blind devotees put a man in the White House who had a stated goal of changing America, and he did just that, but not for the better. Barack Obama displays the exact opposite of love of God and country and our nation has suffered dearly. The importance of having a leader with a patriotic heart can’t be overstated. That love of God and country is the passion that drives a leader to his knees in prayer, yet allows him to stand firm when faced with the difficult decisions that come with the presidency.

We have a decision to make, as Americans and patriots. The window of opportunity for choosing a true Conservative and one who can turn our country back from the course of sure destruction that it has been set on is getting smaller. I fear we’ve let some of our better choices slip away, in favor of flash without substance and nationalistic pandering. If we truly believe ourselves to be better informed and better equipped to make decisions that will steer the destiny of our nation than the left, now is the time to prove it, by who we choose to be the face of our party in this election.

God guide us with wisdom, forgive us for putting anger ahead of common sense, and God bless our America, again.