Geraldo Rivera is a Blithering Idiot, a Continuing Series

Blithering Idiot Geraldo Rivera and Eric Bolling appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s The Factor last night. Both of the guests seem to think Ted Cruz is wasting his time in New York, since they project that Trump will easily clear the 50% threshold and sweep the delegates in NY. Trump is polling above 50% and Cruz definitely has an uphill battle in New York, so thus far this analysis is fair enough.

Where the conversation really went off the rails is when Blithering Idiot Geraldo tried to claim that Ted Cruz’s disparagement of “New York Values” was an anti-Semitic dog whistle.


Blithering Idiot Geraldo continues to bizarrely claim that Ted Cruz was trying to court anti-semites with his comments about New York, when anyone with a functioning brain knows that Cruz was referring to the economic socialism, the casual authoritarianism, the social liberalism, and the typically rude behavior of New York City liberals.

Thankfully, even Trump-friendly Bill O’Reilly and Eric “Trump-Lover” Bolling called out Blithering Idiot Geraldo on his ridiculous views.