I'm worried about America

I’m a millenial. Twenty-six years old to be exact.

I was somewhat conservative in high school, mostly due to my upbringing. My beliefs were fairly superficial until they were challenged and strengthened in the crucible that is the modern American University, where a conservative has to really understand and defend their beliefs to survive. I mostly kept my head down and focused on school, but occasionally I would get into a political debate with a fellow student. These debates tended to leave me with a series of impressions, which can generally be unified under this observation:

My generation is dumb.

Some of the idiots in my generation are quite smart; I went to school for electrical engineering, and (without tooting my own horn too much) you have to be reasonably intelligent to do well in that field. Unfortunately, some of my EE classmates who were able to grasp higher math concepts and formal logic just couldn’t use the same reasoning when thinking about politics. I’m simply floored that so many people in my generation are flocking to full-fledged socialism, after we’ve had 7 solid years of socialism-lite. At my Alma Mater, the political consensus is essentially “Bernie or Bust.”

I think the main reasons that millenials are overwhelmingly leftist are that a) they’re generally uninformed and b) they’re extremely susceptible to groupthink.

Here at RedState and elsewhere in the right-leaning blogosphere, we’ve seen countless videos of college kids absolutely stumped by simple civics questions that any 5th grader should know. I want to make this clear, though – a lot of these kids are pretty bright. Give them a calculus question and they can solve it. (Granted, some are absolute dimwits and have no business being in college, but that is outside the scope of this diary. I’m here to discuss the smart but dumb ones.)

This lack of knowledge about our republic is primarily a failure of our education system, but it’s also a symptom of a more pernicious disease among millenials: a lack of intellectual curiosity.

We don’t question things anymore.

We shun the badthinker.

We don’t research things for ourselves, we take what the media and/or our friends say for granted.

We know how many times the Kardashians have been married, but we don’t know who the Speaker of the House is.

This is what people in my generation say about Ted Cruz. I encourage you to read through it. They genuinely think that conservatives are evil, because that’s what they’ve been taught. They misrepresent what the Constitution says if they mention it at all.

I love America, but I’m genuinely worried for my country. The people in my generation will be running the show in a few decades, and constitutional conservatives like me are the vast, vast minority. I guess I’m looking for some reassurance that all is not lost. Politics isn’t everything, but it’s getting more and more important as the slow creep of federal overreach hastens.