The liberal mindset....or the lack thereof..

I have had the pleasure ( or the misfortune..how ever you choose to look at it) of sitting beside a very liberal minded guy at work for the last several years, he doesn’t say much about the issues…We might discuss a small thing once a week…and it usually turns into me sitting here with my blood boiling, thinking to myself, how do people even believe the b.s. that comes out of their own mouths…This morning the subject of Rick Perry and the border came up, big mistake…first words out of his mouth: Rick Perry is a dang idiot….so i bite, why is Rick Perry an idiot? Well, heres the answer i got “because you dont go on a presidential debate and forget your main talking point…” <<<insert awkward silence here>>> Are you f’n kidding me? you’re still stuck on that?!?!?!?!?!? and i bet you still blame W for all the issues in the world today after not being president for the last 6 years or so….and then it hits me, thats the main problem with the liberal mind set, they’re stuck in the past, they’re living in the stone age….they would rather blame someone from ten years ago,than step up to the plate and actually take responsibility for what they have done and are doing to our country…and then it starts getting really deep….this isn’t just an issue with democrats….this is a bipartisan problem, those who have been in Washington for so long that they have lost track of the all the lies they have told…so it’s just easier to blame someone else for the issue, that way you dont have to take the blame yourself…i believe the term is “scape goat”. In closing, let me just say this….i watched a movie some years back the name of it slips my mind…but there was one line in there that has stuck with me for all these years “You’ve always gotta ask yourself, is the juice, really worth the squeeze” i think thats what all of us really need to ask ourselves in the coming weeks, months and years…..Is the juice , really worth the squeeze?

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