I must be dreaming.....

Will someone please pinch me? I’ve got to be dreaming. As I sit here, taking in my daily dose of news and the lack there of, I can’t help but think that this can’t be real. We are in the midst of an all out world crisis. War in Israel, Russia/Ukraine shooting down commercial airliners , rampant illegal immigration, and all the white house and the federal government can seem to worry about, are the names of sport teams or whether or not changing their schedule will cause more unrest among the American People. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!! This is the point ,  as an American people that we take a stand against blobama and his cronies. This is the point where the III% do what they have been destined to do for years, TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK!!! This is the point where we run the Valerie Jarret’s( blobama’s puppet master) and the Reid’s and Pelosi’s out of town on a rail, where the incumbents who have done nothing for the American people in years, other than draw a pay check , do not feel comfortable anymore , cannot be complacent in the fact that they are safe in their jobs…make them feel the unrest…vote them out of office…send conservatives to Washington who actually care about the people, who cannot be bought and paid for by the lobby…Wake up people it’s time to take our once great country back!!!

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