Angela McGlowan

Angela McGlowan has announced that she is running for Mississippi’s 1st congressional district (MS-1), and the Old Guard immediately started launching their attacks against her. The NRCC has picked their favorite – although McGlowan had asked them not to endorse in the race – already, state senator Alan “The Taxman” Nunnelee. I’m not going to bash Nunnelee much here, since I don’t really know that much about him, but not everyone in Mississippi is happy with his record. The Republican winner will be going against Democratic Rep. Travis Childers, a Blue Dog Democrat.

On Tuesday (9 Feb) Angela McGlowan posted on Facebook that she was running for Congress, and a Paul Gallo interview from last summer started surfacing on Mississippi blogs, then picked up by the blogosphere and media outlets. McGlowan’s comments first surfaced on the Mississippi blog Y’All Politics. With a name like that, I have bookmarked it! 😉

I have watched Angela McGlowan defend conservative views and positions for years, including being a strong supporter of gun rights. She’s new to actually running for public office, and she clearly screwed up in that one interview…admits it:

McGlowan released a statement Thursday afternoon reaffirming that she was “deeply committed to the 2nd Amendment,” saying at the time of the interview she wasn’t familiar with the legislation and was simply making a counterargument … “Though, I am human and do make mistakes. Last year, as a Fox News political analyst, I participated in Paul Gallo’s radio show and, after admitting that I didn’t have a clue as to what the Blair-Holt Amendment was, made the mistake of talking about a piece of legislation that I knew nothing about, compounded that honest mistake by playing ‘devil’s advocate’, which is how political analysts are trained to provoke debate, and failed to circle back with the audience to make clear my personal, unequivocal support for the gun rights of law abiding Mississippians. And, for these mistakes I am truly sorry,” she said.

I heard a tape of that interview – here at RedState – and it was clear that she was caught off-guard, IMO. Totally counter to anything that I’ve heard her say or write in the past.

Anyway, I live in Florida and can’t help her much from down here…