From Michael Capuano's Mouth to Union Ears; Assault on Former Congressional Candidate Caught On Tape


Fortunately, Representative Michael Capuano’s (MA-08) call for “blood” at a rally on the steps of Beacon Hill went viral and he has been shamed. But an assault on a pro-Walker demonstrator at that same rally has been underreported. The assault by a union goon was caught on camera by the State House News Service. The link has not been enabled, but you can read about and watch the assault – HERE.

The man who was thrown on the ground to is Marty Lamb, former Republican candidate for Congress, who challenged Jim McGovern (MA-04) last fall.

While the relationship between Capuano’s words and the assault is being investigated, there can be no doubt regarding the violent, vicious and intimidating tactics used by union goons at the behest of the Democratic machine in Boston and other Democratic bastions.