Scott Brown Explains Citizenship Revocation and Strongly Defends Arizona... (Note to All Upstart Conservative Candidates, This is How Its Done)

Here’s a tip for all aspiring conservative upstarts in 2010; use talk radio. Sounds simple right? But not really. I know of no other politician, whether during their campaign or during their term, to use talk radio to reach the people like Scott Brown.

Brown is ubiquitous on Boston talk radio, morning, noon and night. He leaves the campaign mode and the politico speak behind and always talks like a regular guy. He answers all questions, and takes more heat from the locals then all the national conservative internet activists could muster combined.

I didn’t like the proposed bill that would revoke citizenship from accused terrorists at first. I listened to Glenn Beck. I listened to all the gut reactions and all the hyperbole and then I listened to the People’s Senator… honest, deliberate, and thoughtful. Now, I am leaning towards Scott’s side.

Scott Brown takes his job seriously and is working hard to protect your loved ones, your family and your children. Just like Ted Kennedy and Martha Coakley… right haters?

Upstart conservatives… the blue print is there…

Terror Bill @ 1:30
Arizona Law @ 19:30