Jon Meacham Wraps His 'Blankey' Around His Body; Sarah Palin Becomes an International Standard

(This started out as a comment, but got too long for the Meacham thread.)

This is quick diary. There was a blog about Sarah Palin and David Cameron that I wanted to investigate, but never got the time to fully research. I wanted to watch Cameron’s last debate and measure it by American standards.

The blogger, who is on top of UK politics, noted that David Cameron crushed his competition in his last debate. A series of polls prove this. Cameron, the Tory, is in the midst of a tough three way race. He was positioned to beat Brown, the resurgent Labor candidate, until a socialist, Clegg, starting making waves. Now, Cameron is one of three, and behind and lagging.

But Cameron shook things up in his last debate. Why? According to one astute observer, he went “Palin” — his exact words. Cameron quit the normal Tory talking points and eschewed London’s chattering classes and went for the gut. He spoke conservatism from the heart and spoke to the people and he crushed it. Now, Brits are making the analogy to Palin.

Meacham is rallying himself around his weak, narrow base; a little boy who failed and is now running home to the support of his clique. Palin, without even trying, has become the standard by which others involved in international politics measure foreign candidates.

The Palin Standard goes global.