Did Ed Morrissey's Critique of Contessa Brewer Fall into a Liberal Claptrap?

If you haven’t seen it by now, Contessa Brewer, of MSNBC, made some truly despicable comments regarding Faisal Shahzad that are generating much buzz. Essentially, Brewer lamented the fact that Shahzad has ties to an Islamic country before admitting she wished the terror suspect was home grown.

But Ed Morrissey’s blog on Hot Air criticized Brewer for wishing the terror plot proved “Tea Party bigotry”, and his many fans and fellow bloggers are reciting this line of attack.

However, I’ve read the transcript and listened to the tape and I neither see nor hear any such wish. Brewer did make an analogy to the Hutaree, but not the Tea Parties. It was Morrissey who made the leap from the Hutaree to the Tea Parties.

Ed’s a sharp guy. I know he uses some hyperbole, but I think he jumped the gun here. The Tea Parties endure enough defamation from the mainstream media and liberals; they don’t need any reinforcement from conservatives.

The Hutaree are not representative of the Tea Parties. They are not even on the same planet. Why would a prominent conservative blogger make that connection? Plus, this type of inaccurate criticism undermines Brewer’s abhorrent comments, which need no embellishment. Standing alone, they are sick and twisted.