Ukrainian Parliament Erupts Over Russian Naval Base

I have some serious commentary on Russia, Ukraine and their naval base agreement, but honestly I just wanted an excuse to post this video.

I haven’t yet decided whether this is awesome or sad, but it is pretty funny:

I watched this video a few times just to study the nonchalant faces, as if this happens all the time. Getting egged on the floor of parliament, no biggie – just break out an umbrella. Smoke bombs, guys getting smashed in the head… whatever. Que sera, sera, or whatever it is they say in Ukraine.

In all seriousness, the new puppet government in Ukraine is worth following.

I actually admire the deftness and tenacity of Russian diplomacy. They are running circles around Washington. If one cannot admire their tactics, one has to respect a government that actually works to defend the interests of its own citizens in global affairs. How novel.