Live Free or Denial: Rep. Carol "Che" Porter's Town Hall

Representative Carol “Che” Porter (NH-01) held a town hall last night in her district, where she addressed her health care vote. She is either courageous or delusional, and I’m ‘all in’ on delusional. A couple of things stand out about this clip, the reaction of the crowd and her denial. This is what denial looks like:

Porter is clinging to that one, old, post-vote poll that showed people favoring the bill 49% -40%. Anyone attached to reality knows that poll was an outlier and that any post-vote bump quickly dissipated. The law remains as unpopular as the bill. Every subsequent poll proves this. The media acknowledges this. But Porter has wrapped herself in some kind of protective liberal cocoon.

This clip also reminds us that just because the health care vote is over, the fight is not over. The Democratic leadership is planning a spring legislative offensive. They think they have momentum. We can’t wait for November. There will be important legislative fights before November and Democrats must know the anger is real and their seats are at risk.

As much as I mock Porter, she scares me. If the Democrats are this delusional, they may be bold enough to pass more legislation. But as long as we stay on the attack, we can keep them skittish and help blunt their spring offensive.

It is Easter recess and the critters are home. Give them hell.

Another clip: