Beyond Congress; Focus Your Eyes on the Local Prize

There is still an unwritten chapter in the left’s pursuit of a permanent majority, and its not amnesty, card check or cap and tax. In fact, it has nothing to do with Congress. It is redistricting.

In 2006 and 2008, the left looked longingly at the horizon that is 2010, the year their massive majorities would enable them to redraw the Congressional map, vanquish enemies and secure Democratic power for decades.

They rigged the census. They had everything lined up and then they decided to double down on health care. The game has changed.

The will be an opportunity to redraw the Congressional map in 2010… a Republican opportunity. Even if Republicans don’t get to redraw the map, Republican governors and state legislatures should be able to thwart the machinations of the left. There have been major demographic changes over the last ten years and leftist operatives have been drooling over the opportunity to exploit them.

Not any more. That chapter in the liberal playbook is dead.

Big time politics is fun. Big time politics is important. But realistically many conservative activists only have a limited influence over what happens far beyond their states. But we all have control over our own backyards.

November is bigger than health care vote, state governments are underwater. The conservative fiscal message is resonating from Massachusetts to California. This economic climate coupled with the passion and anger over the health care vote could create a perfect storm.

Its the states that are the launching pad for national politics. In November, we have an opportunity to own the states. After November, we get to redraw the Congressional map. How much depends on whether we take our eye off the ball and just focus on national politics. We must get involved in local politics if we expect a real revolution.

The anger over this health care vote will carry into November. But one year in politics is a long time. Three years is an eternity. We simply cannot prognosticate too far into the future.

The Middle American voter can be fickle and forgetful. We will use the health care vote to our benefit in 2010, and maybe 2012, beyond that is anyone’s guess. But redistricting will last a decade. It is the gift from the health care vote that will keep on giving.

Harness this anger and direct it at Congress, and you will win some seats. Harness this anger, take over the state legislatures, and you will influence elections for a decade.

In 2012.
In 2014.
In 2016.
In 2018.
In 2020.

That is a nice consolation prize.

Do you know who is running for state representative in your district? state senate? attorney general? Have you lent them a hand? We have the momentum and it is time to clean up our own backyards.

Get involved and support your local candidates and committees. Let’s redraw the map.