Health Care Fight: Massachusetts Rising

Sean O’Malley, Archbishop of Boston, is one of the good guys. He is a man of ardent faith and impeccable integrity, who has earned the utmost respect of his community.

He is an Archbishop, not a politician. But since others have made such an aggressive effort to support this health care bill in the name of the Catholic Church, he has decided to throw down the gauntlet.

According to the Boston Herald:

Cardinal Sean O’Malley jumped into the holy war over health care, ripping President Obama’s measure for allowing federal abortion funding as liberal Catholics slammed U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch for opposing the bill.

“Health care is such an important issue for the United States. It’s very disturbing to see that there seems to be a rush to push through legislation without carefully weighing all of the consequences,” O’Malley wrote on his blog last night.

In a rare foray into the political arena, the cardinal charged that the bill is being “forced through . . . using procedural gimmicks.”

“I think it’s unfortunate that some Catholic groups have not paid close enough attention to what the bishops are saying regarding the present legislation,” O’Malley wrote

Meanwhile, Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, and former Democrat turned Independent, Tim Cahill continues to embrace his new found freedom from the shackles of liberal servitude. Cahill, still the acting state treasurer, understands how the bill will bankrupt states. He went national this week with an interview with Glenn Beck and an advertising campaign on the Drudge Report.

According to the Boston Herald:

Saying he was Scott Brown even before Scott Brown, independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill pitched more woo at hard-to-get unenrolled voters – posting an anti-Obamacare ad on the Drudge Report Web site and chatting with Fox News firebrand Glenn Beck last night

That spirited guest spot followed on the heels of the ad Cahill posted on Drudge on Thursday inviting viewers to sign up and “Help Tim Kill the Obamacare Bill.”

Also, despite assumptions made about his vote on the tabling measure, Steve Lynch continues to be a firm ‘no’ vote and a thorn in the side of the Democratic Leadership. His defection has proven to be a key vote. The Democrats could not circumvent the Stupak Block as they had anticipated.

Such recent events, including Scott Brown’s election, have weighed heavily on the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. Staunch Democrats, such as Niki Tsongas, James McGovern and Richard Neal, have given tepid support for the bill and, contrary to popular whip counts, both John Tierney and Michael Capuano remain undecided.