Stunner: Steve Lynch (D-MA) Leaning Towards Voting Against The Senate Bill


Steve Lynch is a loyal South Boston Democrat. He is also one of Nancy Pelosi’s floor whips. He has just publicly stated that he will probably vote against the Senate bill and urged the Democratic leaderships to avoid a deem and pass tactic.

So what’s different about Lynch? Two things. South Boston takes Saint Patrick’s Day very seriously. Lynch has been in South Boston all week participating in many public events. And the people have been giving him an earful. He hasn’t been sequestered in Washington.

Also, Scott Brown stunned the Massachusetts Democratic establishment by carrying South Boston. Lynch considers himself part of the old guard and he knows his supporters are flocking towards politicians like Tim Cahill and Scott Brown. His base is evaporating.

Losing a couple of loyal Democrats like Lynch could be the final nail in the coffin. Lynch’s stand may embolden other skeptical Democrats including Michael Capuano and Richard Neal of Massachusetts.