Tim Cahill Sounds Off; The Scott Brown Message Reverberates

Timmy Cahill is the treasurer of Massachusetts. He is, scratch that, was a powerful Democrat from the powerful vote-rich city of Quincy. He bailed on his party.

Personally, I like Tim, a lot. But he hasn’t earned his bones yet, so I’m on the fence.

Tim left the “D” party because it became too liberal and is now running for governor as an independent. His pick for Lieutenant Governor is the most conservative person to be on a gubernatorial ticket in decades. Cahill, an old school conservative Democrat, was exuberant when Scott Brown won.

Why does this matter? Because those who break free from the chains of Democratic machines are worth noting, and when they make make front page of Drudge Report, it is certainely worth noting.

From the most liberal of states, boosted by Scott Brown’s victory, Timmy Cahill speaks truth to power and tells everyone ObamaCare will bankrupt the country. Check drudgereport.com.

Another message from liberal Massachusetts that ObamaCare sucks.

You hearing that Mikey Capuano, Stevie Lynch, and even you Dickie Neal.