Time To Break Out The Town Hall Calenders

The race is on. The Democratic Leadership is eager to get a health care bill passed before the next round of Tea Parties and Town Hall Protests, which are being scheduled for Easter Recess and Tax Day. Congress bolts March 27th and returns April 12th. Traditionally, this is a time for them to do district work and hold town hall meetings.

Everyone already knows how this game is played. Its just a battle of wills. Are conservatives too tired to muster another grass roots revolt. Are they content waiting for November? Its not enough to wait for November. This bill may be irrevocable if passed. This recess presents another opportunity for conservative activists to influence legislators. We changed the game last August. We can do it again. The Democratic Leadership dreads this upcoming recess for obvious reasons. They prefer to keep their minions sequestered in the Beltway Bubble while they twist arms and iron out health care legislation.

But moderates must not think they can vote for this bill and wait out the storm. They must approach their meetings with Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Rahm in the upcoming weeks with full knowledge of the whirlwind that awaits them at home. Come Easter Recess, Blue Dogs and moderate Democrats will have reckoning and they must know that before they cast their vote. It may be time to break out the Town Hall calendar. If they refuse to hold town halls, we should hold them accountable for their cowardice as well.