That Mass "RhINO" then and that Mass "RhINO" Day One.

Before the Tea Parties, before the Town Halls, back when Obamamania was all the rage, when the political pundits declared the GOP irrelevant, and gloomy conservatives were busy playing the blame game and pointing fingers, some kept the course and chose to fight.

November 2008:

That was fourteen months ago, after the 2008 elections, when an obscure state senator named Scott Brown, went above and beyond his duties to support a fight against an increase in pike tolls. That little rally was held in East Boston, which laid far beyond his district. But Brown wasn’t campaigning for anything; he was just a politician who chose to fight. Scott Brown was “Tea Partying” before the “Tea Parties” were cool.

Is this just another gratuitous Scott Brown post? No. It just made me smile a little to see that the new Scott Brown is still like the old Scott Brown. Brown started day one picking a fight with Obama over the jobs created by stimulus. Huh.