Why Does Obama Hate the Space Program?

I’m not a science guy, but something caught my attention about Obama’s SOTU; the surprise and disappointment by many in the scientific community regarding Obama’s dismissal of the space program.

I’ve been absorbing the criticisms and something clicked. The scientific community is often tied to the government spending and sympathetic to government growth. Those who are infatuated by the cosmos tend to be idealistic and are often sympathetic idealistic liberals. Neither group particularly understands the insidious roots of modern liberalism and its hostility towards American exceptionalism. Neither group really understands Obama.

In his new budget, Obama takes an axe and whacked the space program. In may make some sense to some. During trying economic times, prioritizing farfetched space programs may seem frivolous. But this is the same team that has ambitiously prioritized farfetched environmental programs all year. So what’s the difference?

Perhaps the answer lies in understanding the young international Obama, the Harvard Law Obama, the Hyde Park Obama, the global apology tour Obama, the Barack Obama that, when asked if America was an exceptional country, responded that all countries are exceptional. The real Barack Obama.

Cap and tax, the green economy, and other similar intiatives ultimately handicap American industry; redistribute American wealth; and integrate America with international bodies. They are leveling initiatives that weaken America’s standing in the world.

Space exploration, on the other hand, remains a frontier that lies beyond the reach of almost all other countries and a symbol of American exceptionalism. Space exploration represents everything the radical hates. It is an endeavor reserved for the powerful. It lies beyond the scope of international law and oversight. It is a masculine display of power and might. It is imperialist and expansionist in nature. It humbles others. It is a remnant of that hated old fashioned ethos of manifest destiny.

Why does Barack Obama hold such disdain for the space program? I’m just ruminating here, but I think know the reason.