Indefatigable Enemy of the Republic Dies

Howard Zinn, an immensely influential enemy of our Republic, has passed away. I prefer not speak ill of the recently deceased, but I can’t ignore it either. A prolific writer and a history professor at Boston University, he helped root generations of unwitting Americans in marxist principles.

Zinn’s warm demeanor and charisma often disarmed the young and naive, who digested his palatable anti-Americanism. Few radicals have done as much to warp minds, promote revisionist history, and transform generations as Zinn. His vile and popular history book, A People’s History of the United States, stands as a blueprint for politically correct history.

John Silber, former Boston University president, once referred to Zinn as an example of a professor who poisoned the well of academia. I couldn’t agree more. He may be gone, but he left a legacy that will take years to destroy, and we will destroy it. Republicans must fight the Democrats, but conservatives must never relent in their fight against the Howard Zinns.