Scott Brown Already Recording Robo-Calls for John McCain

Wow, that was fast. Apparently, voters in Arizona are already receiving the robo-call.

To his credit, McCain endorsed Brown early and remained a stalwart supporter, when few others took his campaign seriously. In the recorded message, Brown “praises McCain for supporting him when no one else would”. Brown also reiterates his commitment to fight a government take over of health care.

It’s a little surreal to see a Massachusetts Republican recording calls for an Arizona Republican. Brown’s “brand” is sky high right now, but he may be unable to live up to expectations. Regardless, he earned his moment in the sun.

I am more suprised by John McCain. He had some mediocre polls last year, but the public mood has shifted. Its one thing to be cautious, but does he really need Scott Brown and Sarah Palin to defeat J.D. Hayworth? Maybe he is trying to salvage his legacy. Or maybe Cindy needs to cut back on his ensure-viagra cocktails. Something has gotten into this new take nothing for granted, happy GOP warrior.