The Scott Brown Campaign Helps Shed Some Light On The Amirault Family

Campaign break. A little local stuff. Just taking a moment to thank the Scott Brown campaign for shedding some light on a persecuted family, the Amiraults.

Much has been written about the Fells Acres Day Care Center. I’m not going to rehash it here. For those who need details; Dorothy Rabinowitz serves up some substance, and Ann Coulter, as always, serves up some red meat. Do yourself a favor, read both pieces before the election.

Here’s what I’ll add; the Office of the Middlesex District Attorney is an infamous political machine full of hacks. The O.M.D.A. is where Coakley cut her teeth, following in the footsteps of her mentors and predecessors, Scott Harshbarger and Tom O’Reilly.

It makes one sick to think of innocent Violet Amirault, the elderly mother and grandmother, passing away behind bars after languishing in prison for eight years. But it was Gerald that felt the wrath of Martha Coakley‘s blind ambition. It was Coakley that let an innocent man rot in prison for three additional years to protect her reputation and the reputation of the O.M.D.A.

After eighteen years behind bars, an innocent man is free man, but justice has never been served. His family business is gone. He is a registered sex offender. He wears an ankle bracelet. He must submit to periodic polygraphs. His mother died an ignominious death. His family name is forever tainted. There is no redemption is this story of a modern day witch trial.

But, because of this election, people are being forced to examine Martha Coakley and the corrupt machines that run this state. For a moment, Gerald Amirault has an audience that will listen to his story and with that audience, a little bit of justice:

Dennis and Callahan

Howie Carr @ 6:30