Great Moments in Massachusetts Senatorial Sports Flubs

Perhaps Martha Coakley is the right person to represent Massachusetts in the United States Senate. She just fits the traditional mold of a Senator from Massachusetts perfectly. Amongst other things, she knows how to make a first rate fool of herself, when talking sports. Here are four of the greatest sports flubs in Massachusetts senatorial history:

4. In the midst of the 2004 presidential election, John Kerry made a visit to the critical battlefield state of Wisconsin, where he proceeded to call Lambeau Field, the historic home of the Green Bay Packers, “Lambert Field”.

Both candidates are targeting them with the ferocity of a Brett Favre bullet, but only John F. Kerry has fumbled the name of the hallowed grounds on which the Packers play, the frozen tundra of Curly Lambeau Field.

At a campaign event last month, the Democratic presidential nominee called it Lambert Field — a slip of the tongue carried on television, in papers throughout the state and on ESPN’s Web site.

3. At Fenway Park, John Kerry professed his love for the Boston Red Sox to a televised audience and then stated that his favorite Red Sox player was “”Manny Ortez”, infamously confusing famous Red Sox sluggers David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez, while butchering the pronunciation of Ortiz at the same time.

Kerry has long claimed allegiance to the Boston Red Sox and the New England Patriots. Yet last week, ESPN’s Peter Gammons reported that, Kerry claimed to be a big fan of “Manny Ortez.” Having fused the names of Boston’s two biggest sluggers, Kerry then compounded the error by correcting himself and saying he meant “David Ortez.” No word on what either Manny Ramirez or David Ortiz thought of the slip up.

2. As bad as John Kerry’s flubs may have been, the junior Senator from Massachusetts was once again overshadowed by his senior colleague, Ted Kennedy. Kennedy also pulled a two-fer, butchering the names of former home run heroes Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. At a ceremony in their honor, he called them “Mike McGwire” and “Sammy Sooser” respectively:

1. It only makes sense that Ted Kennedy’s aspiring replacement would trump both John Kerry and Ted Kennedy for the number one spot. Completely embarassing herself and stunning her audience, Martha Coakley told a Boston radio audience that two time world champion and Boston Red Sox legend, Curt Schilling, was a New York Yankees fan. Sacrilege: