Conservatives Must Own The Tea Party Movement or Let It Die

The Tea Party Movement is descending into mob status. People seem to love the leaderless Tea Party movement because they get to anoint themselves leaders, and then project their own ideals upon the rest of the movement.

While I profess not to be the grand arbiter of authentic conservativism, I think there are certain principles and parameters that a solid majority of self-identified conservatives recognize. Those people need to make decision regarding the Tea Party movement: own it or let it die.

If we do not own it, it will be co-opted by populists, libertarians, reformers, minarchists and other assorted anti-establishment factions. And even though we may not support these factions, the mainstream media will leap to attach the conservative brand to their failures and misdeeds.

Their extremist measures, delusional quests, failed events, and eccentric leaders will become ours. And if they fail, which they often will, that too will become ours. The media will use such failures to advertise the demise of the conservative resurgence.

We should capture it, make it ours, and give it our imprimatur; or let it go as a special moment in time. It captured the mood of 2009, but 2009 is gone. The elections of 2010 are near. When the general elections come, we need to rally around Republican candidates regardless of certain imperfections. Certain Tea Party malcontents, and their third party Don Quixotes, may become a liability in our pursuit of majority status.

If we are only half invested in the movement, we run the risk of taking something great and watching it become perverted. We’ll breath just enough life into it for the mad scientists of the movement to twist it and use it to their own advantage.

It will be like granting the license to a great work of art to a bunch of movie moguls and commercial advertisers. Instead of Fred Astaire, the Tea Party movement will become Fred Astaire in a vacuum commercial. InsThe movement is being “Frankensteined”.

These thoughts have been in the back of mind, but have crystallized just now, as I realize that I have to fight a couple of self-anointed “Tea Party leaders” in Massachusetts. These people are perennial losers, who appropriated the “Tea Party” brand and are working to destroy our best shot at defeating ObamaCare by waging a stealth attack on Scott Brown. If these people are the future of the “Tea Party” movement, I’m jumping ship and I’ll treat it like the circus sideshow that it is becoming.

Conservatives need to own it, or let it go as a great moment in freedom’s history. I’m beginning to think that the Tea Party movement shouldn’t be a movement at all. The original Tea Party wasn’t a movement. It is now, as it was then, a moment in time that captured the spirit of the people. The elections of 2010 represent a new chapter in this war.