MA Senate: Final Debate Thread

The final debate is tonight in the heart of enemy territory, Edward M. Kennedy Institute at UMass Boston. The moderator is David Gergen. Hostile turf.

Coakley and her camp are unleashed. The DNC sent Hari Sevugan, Democratic Party hit man, to Boston. Brown has been a warrior on the campaign trail, but he is starting to look a little tired. Coakley, who has been sipping tea and eating crumpets for the last two months, should be energized. This is a tough spot for Brown.

Conservative observers might not like what they see tonight because I suspect Brown will spend much time running from the national GOP. Ever since they woke up, Coakley’s camp has been linking Brown to Bush and Cheney. Expect Coakley to attach Brown to the “Far Right”.

It will be a Teddy Kennedy love fest, but Brown will have to swallow it. Saying anything negative about Kennedy is suicide. Brown should try to hammer her on reform and machine politics. He will also stay focused on fiscal repsonsiblity and national security.

A couple of local links that have the debate: