RED INVADES BLUE: Scott Brown Money Bomb Happens All Day Monday

01.11.10 has arrived. The Scott Brown money bomb is on. For a month, the Brown campaign has promoted this money bomb and people have pledged support. Now, the time to honor those pledges has arrived.

I know that many people had reservations. Too often, donating money to candidates in Massachusetts is like flushing money down the toilet. Not this time.

For a month, we all have had an opportunity to assess this race and this candidate and witness the legitimacy of Scott Brown’s campaign against Martha Coakley. Victory is in our grasp, as is the potentially fatal blow to ObamaCare. The goal is to raise a half million dollars on Monday.

Brown has a strong and lean organization. His ad team has been superlative. You can be assured that all donations will be used wisely and that it will make a difference. Donate.

Here is Brown’s new sober commercial on national security:

Here is a web ad promoting his money bomb:

Follow the money bomb all day. This is going to be fun to watch.