Some Comments on the Scott Brown Hannity Interview

If this race were based on effort, Scott Brown would trounce Martha Coakley. Brown is working himself ragged. He has a cold. He is losing his voice. And it still seems like he is doing more events in one day than Coakley is doing in a week. You’ll notice it in the clip below, but he still has his charm and wits about him.

We should be mindful of his talking points. Scott Brown has won nine straight races as a Republican in Massachusetts. He knows how to win up here and he is doing it again.

You’ll notice that he won’t go negative on Coakley. A couple of times, Hannity tries to bait him into red meat topics, but he deftly eschews them. He also makes an explicit plea for outsiders to stay out. He wants a one on one with Coakley. It creates the most advantagous playing field for him.

As Scott says in the interview, “this race is about taxes, terrorism and health care.” He’s focused on taxes and fiscal issues. He is capitalizing on his thirty years in the National Guard as a military lawyer. He is attacking ObamaCare as a bad deal for the residents of Massachsuetts. He is promoting himself as an independent man and thinker and Coakley as another robotic, liberal, yes person. And he is trying to stay rooted as a regular guy and family man.

He’s a natural talent. Let’s get behind him and give him our weight, but let him lead. He knows better than anybody the path to victory: