Who Are The Real RINOS Again? It's Getting Confusing Around Here

Please watch this video in its entirety before commenting:

Its somewhat funny to see people heralding Peter Schiff as the only “real” conservative or the only “real” Republican in the Connecticut Senate race.

I’ll give Schiff credit, he’s phenomenal on economic issues. I suggest he stay on Wall Street. Perhaps, the next Republican president can appoint him Secretary of Treasury.

But a year ago, a guy like Schiff would have been a non-starter around here. In that video, he doesn’t talk about his foreign policy positions, but they are aligned with Ron Paul. I’m probably much more non-interventionist than many around here. But there is a difference between having a genuine difference of opinion on policy and just being irresponsible during a time of war. Even anti-war stalwart Pat Buchanan recognized this difference.

But Libertarians like Ron Paul and Peter Schiff went too far. They exploited the hostile political climate towards Republicans for political gain, even if that meant demoralizing our troops, aiding the enemy, and helping elect Democrats in 2006 and 2008. Remember, foreign policy is the domain of the Unites States Senate.

Furthermore, if you look at Schiff’s website and listen to speeches, you’ll notice they are devoid of any content regarding social or cultural issues. That’s by design. I hope his speech before the Libertarian Party of Connecticut proves that. Again, I’m probably much more tolerant of social moderates than many around here. But, again, Schiff goes too far. He’s a social liberal.

Those are just two concerns. My third concern may be the worst. In that video, he is actively advocating the subversion of the Republican Party. Schiff’s a smart guy. He knows the Libertarian Party is ineffectual and useless. If he wants to work with the GOP, that’s fine. But I believe his intentions are much more devious. He said it himself. He wants to “turn the Republican Party into the Libertarian Party”. By supporting Schiff, I fear that conservatives will unwittingly be supporting every other moonbat in the big “L” Libertarian movement.

It’s not a role that I sought, but I often find myself defending less exciting, moderate Republicans around here. Short-sightedness, emotion and wishful thinking has a way of clouding sound judgment and analysis. Its easier and sexier to root for the candidate who is running on rhetoric over the candidate who has to run on a record. Its easier and sexier to root for the unknown candidate, upon whom we can project our own ideals, over the known candidate, whose warts have been exposed.

I’m the “real” tea party patriot. No, I’m the “real” tea party patriot. No, I’m the “real” tea party patriot. It’s making me dizzy.

I’m not going to try to assert who is “real”. But some people should better examine the issues, states, and candidates in depth before they indiscriminately toss around the RINO label. One of those so called RINOS is a good guy and loyal Republican, who can save country in two weeks. And one of those so called “real” conservatives is actively working to subvert the Republican Party. Think about it.