The Nutroots Give Blanche Lincoln a Reason to Abandon ObamaCare

For those of us who choose to fight ObamaCare tooth and nail, there was an unreported story today that changes the landscape for Blanche Lincoln. The nutroots have completely ditched her. Daily Kos, and fellow travelers, are calling on Blanche Lincoln to resign.

The nutroots comically absurd plan for dealing with her bad poll numbers is to force her out and replace her with a new, and presumably more progressive, candidate. They are drunk on Dick Blumenthal and just all around insane.

This move by the nutroots begs the question; what exactly does Blanche Lincoln owe the liberal base of her party now? Her poll numbers are down, but not dreadful. And they are bad because she is pushing a left wing agenda in a conservative state.

Until now, she feigned concern over ObamaCare, but has remained the loyal puppet of her liberal masters. But they abandoned her, so the only people that can save her now are Arkansas Blue Dogs and independents. Isn’t it time she listened to them?

Perhaps, its time to send Blanche a message:

Blanche, Harry Reid is a walking dead man. This time next year he will be the new ambassador of Trinidad and Tobago. He can no longer give you anything nor can he take anything from you. He is impotent. You owe him nothing.

Blanche, this Congress is done. There are a few more issues for them to tidy up, but your party has been sapped of all its political capital. There are only six months left until July and then its full bore campaign season. There are no more favors to be granted or repaid. Its over.

Blanche, honey, you had to make a choice between your liberal base and the majority of your constituents, and you chose the former. You risked your reputation and your political career for their support and loyalty and they just shanked you in the back.

You are making unnecessary sacrifices for ghosts and enemies. Its bad poltics, Blanche. Forget them. You don’t owe them anything anymore. They betrayed you. The only thing that can save you now are the people of Arkansas. Listen to them. Or your career is dead. Its time to CYA.

What’s her number again? I am not ready to quit.