Martha Coakley; Just Kicking Back and Enjoying Her Vacation

Do you want an example of supreme haughtiness and overconfidence? With less than three weeks to go before the general election, Martha Coakley isn’t even campaigning. In fact, she’s on an official vacation from her unofficial vacation of sort-of-campaigning for Senate from her office. The Boston Herald has noticed:

Although her break coincides with the holiday season and subdued voter interest, laying low in the final weeks of a truncated election is unusual – and a luxury that only a very confident candidate could afford.

Ideology aside, can Americans afford a Senator, during these trying times, as lazy and arrogant as Martha Coakley. I mock her, but I am not suprised. And honestly, I am quite pleased. About a dozen stars need to be aligned for Scott Brown to pull this off and this is one of them; the supreme overconfidence of Martha Coakley and her complacent base.

01.19.10. Martha Coakley gets her comeuppance.