Ben Nelson Reduced to Campaigning Against a Vapor Candidate

Yesterday, I noted how Ben Nelson destroyed his career for for Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer. A new Rasmussen poll showed Nelson losing a hypothetical match up by 31 points.

A day later, he is running ads in Nebraska, even though he isn’t up for re-election until 2012. Do you think Ben Nelson is feeling the heat?

No one knows what the health care bill will look like when it comes out of conference. Nor can anyone know how Ben Nelson will vote on a revised bill. But I see no reason to let up on Nelson now. This fight is too important to relent.

It may be unlikely that he would change his vote on the same bill, but he wont be voting on the same bill. Maybe there will be something in the new bill that will allow Nelson to backtrack on his original vote with a teaspoon of dignity. For the sake of the country, I’ll give him a mulligan if he does. Until then, we should keep the pressure on and encourage Nebraskans to do the same.