New Poll: Ben Nelson Destroys His Career For Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer

Hey Ben, look what your good buddy Chucky Schumer has wrought. A new Rasmussen poll is worse than awful:

The Rasmussen survey shows Nelson, who isn’t up for re-election until 2012, badly trailing Gov. Dave Heineman by 31 points in a hypothetical matchup, 61 to 30 percent. A 55 percent majority of Nebraska voters now hold an unfavorable view of the two-term senator, with 40 percent viewing him favorably.

The health care bill is currently very unpopular in Nebraska, according to the Rasmussen poll. Nearly two-thirds of voters (64 percent) oppose the legislation while just 17 percent approve.

Ever the pragmatist, Ben Nelson seems like the guy who wants to be liked by everybody. Being sequestered on Capital Hill, Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid took advantage of this, buttered him up and he folded like a cheap tent.

But Ben likes to wheel and deal. And more importantly, Ben likes to be liked. That poll has got to sting. Ben flushed all of his good will and career down the drain for a crappy piece of legislation that Nebraskans hate and that he never wanted. Way to get railroaded by your bosses, Ben.

There is hope for the country and for Ben, though. The House will further mangle the Senate Bill. Let them change it in conference and take it back to the Senate.

The next time the Senate votes on this bill, Ben may look at Chucky Schumer and Harry Reid a little differently. I mean, really Ben, were all those promises, hugs and back slaps really worth it. You know the answer. Save yourself. Save the country. Change your vote.

Nice take down Chucky: