Activism Alert: Important Note on the Massachusetts Special Election

I do not wish to saturate this site with Scott Brown posts. This is my second today and I apologize, but there is one piece of information that is time sensitive and important.

If you live in Masachusetts; or have friends or family who reside in Massachusetts; or if you just know someone in Massachusetts, please be advised that tommorow, Wednesday the 30th, is the last day to register to vote for the special election.

Massachusetts is full of transplants, students and young professionals who tend to move around. Many come from out of state; many hop around from apartment to apartment. Voter turnout will be pivotal in this race. Making sure supporters are registered in the appropriate city or town is essential. It is too late to register by mail, but supporters can register in person. In Boston, city hall closes at 8:00 P.M. Smaller cities and towns will probably close earlier.

While the Democrats sit on their lazy butts and get ready to party tommorow, I urge GOP activists to stage a stealth attack and get as many Scott Brown supporters registered as possibile.

The odds are long, but this is a battle of wills and morale. The Democrats are demoralized and complacent. Republicans need organization, commitment and follow through to pull this off.

And just in case you live under a rock in the Majove Desert, Scott Brown is the 41st ‘no’ vote on ObamaCare. The election is 01-19-10.

Shock the world.